Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Dress: H&M - Similar Here & Here - $35   //   Brown Heels: Kohls - Similar Here - $49   //   Bag: Kate Spade - Similar Here & Here- $200

Of the few things that I have learned through my years of blogging, one is more clear then the rest. Daylight savings is either your best friend, or worst enemy. What should generally only be a struggle in the winter (it's dark earlier in the morning or in the evening), I seem to have found myself at a crossroads on the flip side: too much sun!

The goal is to take my photos earlier in the morning to avoid the sun flares, but with an unpredictable work schedule that gets a bit tough. Atlanta summers are infamous for their hot sun, but sometimes too much, can be just that.

How is the summer treating you?

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