Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camouflage: Taupe Colored Maxi Dress with Crochet Back

Dress: F21, Necklace: Sample Sale

Maxi Fever. That's what i'll call it. 
a word of advice: screw the rules. 
Who said petite girls can rock the floor-length look? 

Top 5 Fashion Rules to Break

5. Matching Your Belt & Shoes
If there was ever a stupid rule, this was the one. Why in the world 
would you want to MATCH the two accessories? Now, have them 
compliment each other? Of course. A gold belt with a leopard shoe is 
fabulous, as is a teal and dark red belt/shoe combo. Experiment a little. 

4. Wearing White After Labor Day
If I had to extract all of the white out of my wardrobe for 6 months, 
I would probably die of frustration. White is the optimal color for 
winter and with the right accessories it can take your outfit to 
another level. It will be a refreshing look from the dull dark 
winter shades that are regularly worn.

3. Never Mix Metals In Your Wardrobe
Are you kidding me? I love metals. I feel like it's comparable to 
sweets: good in moderation. Rose Gold has become a beautiful 
stepping stone between medals and I totally support it 100%. 
Silver, bronze, rose gold, & gold bracelets? Yes please!

2. No Black Eyeliner or Red Lipstick during the day
Seriously? No. Those are my two favorite beauty products. Take it away and 
we will have a problem. My rule of thumb is generally 
if you have a dramatic eye, pair it with a neutral lip and vice-versa. Simple.

1. Petite Girls- Longer Hemlines
The best part about maxi styles is that if you can wear them high-waisted, 
you can literally create the illusion of length. By placing a belt as a 
cinching element around your torso, you visually shift your waistline 
there, elluding to longer legs. Fitting is key and solid or fine patters work best. 



  1. You know I love your blog, and i've been following it since you started! you've been doing a great job! so inspirational!

    I just started a blog, check it out!

  2. I have thought that white after Labor Day rule was hogwash for years. I agree - there is nothing like a nice, crisp white in the middle of winter!! I'm also with you on the makeup - you can highlight an eye or a lip during the day as long as the other is muted! And I'm one of those people who is really trying not to follow the "rule" about the metals but often I just don't like the way they look mixed...but that's just a personal preference I think. Thanks for sharing these - style "rules" are made to be broken!!

    The Blue Hour