Friday, January 31, 2014

CALL ME MIDI - 30X30 - Day 10

Black Sweater: Express - Same Here - $35   //   Midi Skirt: Asos - Similar Here & Here - $33   //   
Heels: JLO for Kohls - Same Here - $30   //   Gold Belt: Mango - Similar Here - $6

It's outfit number 10 (and the end of the month #sad) of my 30 x 30 and it's the first time that i've worn this midi skirt. I adore the look that this knee length skirt gives, and certainly plan on investing in more. This beauty is from Asos, but I definitely want to get another bright color, preferably in chiffon, and perhaps pleated. 

I think the best way to first experiment with midi skirts is black (of course), a low kitten heel, and a subtle pop of color. I went with gold here, but there are lots of options. As a petite girl, this style wasn't something that I thought would look good on me, but I was pleasantly surprised. There are great options out there for both midi skirts & dresses, so give it try.

How do you feel about the Midi trend?

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