Monday, February 3, 2014

DRESSED IN DOTS - 30X30 - Day 11

Dress: H&M - Similar Here - $36   //   Sweater: J.Crew - Similar Here - $35   //
   Belt: H&M - Similar Here - $25   //   Heels: JLO for Kohls - Same Here - $30  //

I never thought I would be the type of girl who liked sports. We all have to endure it, I mean if not on a Monday Night Football / Sunday Night Football / Thursday Night Football basis - then certainly on the high holidays, like the Superbowl. But things have changed recently. I find myself enjoying the sport a lot more because I took interest in the game. I asked questions (and my fiance patiently responded), I didn't change the station when I would hear sports talk, and even read a few article as they fell into my lap  ahem, newsfeed. Seems to me that taking interest in things really changes your perception of the topic. Instead of feeling like I didn't belong, I slowly became part of the group. I'm starting to think that I should take this outlook beyond the border and apply it to otherwise confusing and unappealing subjects like... cooking, politics, or Game of Thrones. 

Seems to me that knowledge is everywhere, if you have someone patient enough to explain the strenuous question of, "What is going on?!" you should take advantage of that. Let's make a pact, by next Superbowl we will all actually follow the game. Deal?

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