Wednesday, January 29, 2014


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So, if you live in the United States and/or own a television - you probably know that the city of Atlanta is in a "State of Emergency" and is essentially, for all intensive purposes, shut down. I can't tell you how it feels that every single news channel, my Facebook Feed, Twitter Timeline, and Instagram Stream tells a different horror story. There are children stuck in school gymnasiums overnight sleeping on mats, parents/grandparents stuck in the cars for over 20 hours without gas in highway gridlocks, and people who had to abandon their cars on the road and walk miles to seek shelter in the nearest CVS or grocery store. 

In times like this, people like to play the blame game - but at it's core, Mother Nature is to blame. The city of Atlanta never was and will probably never be ready for storms of this magnitude. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but the real stories that come out of these horrific times, are those of humanity. The people who got out of their cars to help push others over difficult hills and icy patches. The ones who provided sandwiches and drinking water to stranded passengers by knocking on car windows. And especially, to the workers who haven't slept at all - trying to get citizens off the roads and into the warmth of their homes. 

I wanted to say a special prayer to those emergency workers, doctors, nurses, and samaritans - who are not in their homes, but rather out helping others be safe. Thank you to everyone for the acts of kindness, which are helping our city's residents get home. Let's take a minute, put the pointer finger down and just say "thanks". 

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