Wednesday, February 11, 2015


1. Floral Blouse - Same Here (Love These too!)   //    2. Floral Heels - Same Here - (Love These too!)   //   3. Floral Dress - Same Here (Love These too!)   //   4. Floral Case - Same Here (Love These too!)   //    5. Floral Romper - Same Here (Love These too!)

Here it is. The spectacular idea that I came up all by myself. Are you ready for it? Spring Florals. I know, ingenious. Okay, okay, jokes aside. I really do love florals for spring and it's amazing to me how the industry can remake such a time-honored pattern every year. This season we are seeing a lot of large floral prints on darker fabrics - think navy, black, plum. Do you remember in 2013 when small print florals were all the rage? Oh, don't get nostalgic on me. These prints are gorgeous and click on all the link above to see more styles!
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