Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Blazer   //   Dress   //   Heels   //   Bangle   //   Tank

I have to be honest, I hesitated a lot when creating this post. Usually every Wednesday I share my latest source of inspiration with you all. Whether it's colorful clutches or thrifty jewels - there is always something new to share. This post however, is troublesome because earlier in the year I shared a Wednesday Wishlist: Stripes Edition with you. While the trend is the same, the pieces are entirely different and I believe, this really speaks to what a versatile trend this is. Whether it's during winter woes or summertime sunshine, stripes always work. I actually picked up the maxi dress on the bottom left for myself from Target last week and that was the source of my inspiration. I find myself carrying my Kate Spade tote almost daily and am absolutely obsessed. What can I say, i'm really digging the stripes right now (plus they go great with my NYX wine lipstick!)

What's your latest source of inspiration? Are you into the stripes or more of a dot person?


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