Monday, April 21, 2014


You guys know that I love simple & sleek looks, and today's All-White is just that. Lately, i've been sticking to the basics a lot: white, black & beige - and then my absolute favorite recent accessory: My NYX Lipstick in "Bruised" number: LSS555. This is me sharing one of my best beauty secrets with you, I love NYX lipsticks. This is not a sponsored post. They are ridiculously affordable (I get mine on eBay or at Ulta) and around $5 a pop. They go on smooth and color lasts for hours afterwards. My favorite way to wear this dark wine color, which is perfect for Olive skin, is with a bright shimmery eye and pale pink blush. Keeping it simple, until the burst of dark lipstick. It's seriously my favorite look right now. Although some might argue that a dark lip it's probably better suited for fall, I'll agree to disagree. You rock that bold lip girl. 


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