Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#InAnotherLife - Part One

Grey Top - AEO - Similar Here & Here -$18  //  Jeans - AEO - Same Here - $30  // 
Boots: c/o OnlineShoes.com - Same Here - $160  //  Pashmina Scarf - Similar Here - $48

I spent between 3-4 hours last night playing with graphics. What started as an innocent color palette experience turned into a full-blown "Save The Date" design. I was pretty proud of myself when I finally did go to bed around 2 AM, but realized that I will probably change my mind tomorrow and shouldn't put so much time into this. I really enjoy working with patterns, colors, and creating logos. An average weeknight consist of designing new headers, buttons, or logos for this blog and now more recently my wedding stationary. I may have become a Graphic Designer #InAnotherLife

The icons of fall fashion are slipping though our fingertips and I am holding on for as long as possible. For me, it's either boots or summer dresses - all this in between nonsense is cramping my style. Pick a season weather gods.
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