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I was having a conversation with the receptionist at my dentist's office yesterday about places that I like to shop online and I realized that this would be some great information to share with my readers. So, the above midi skirts are from a European online boutique called River Island. I picked up a few items during my last trip to London, so discovering that they had a US online store was heavenly. I'm waiting to get my first order in this week and can't wait to share the goodies with y'all!

Here a list of my top 7 places to shop online. I took into account price range, fashion diversity, low/no shipping cost, ease of return, and customer service. These are the places that made the cut:

7. Kohl's
I discovered the Kohl's brand after being a big fan of the LC by Lauren Conrad collection a few years ago. It's no secret that I love the pieces of her collection and I check the Kohl's website weekly to see what goes on sale. The online website does have more variety than in store, and no need to rummage through racks. Few things to remember: Kohl's often has promo codes so you should get at least 15% off your purchase at any given time - plus if you go into the store, BUT order from an in-store kiosk (same online experience) shipping to your home is free. Not too shabby. 

6. H&M
I cannot tell you how long I waited for H&M to finally start selling online in the US market. It took ages and multiple pushback dates, but it is finally here. The verdict? Could be better. H&M clothes are a hit or miss in terms of quality and sizing, but for the price it is generally worth the risk. H&M's online return policy is my greatest gripe with them - if you buy something.. chances are that you are going to keep it. 

5. AEO
This is one of those places that I try to avoid in person, but actively check the site for deals. I like the AEO lookbook so finding that perfect summer dress or jeans is easy online at AEO. Plus, their factory store is easy to access from the main page and all three stores (AEO, Aerie, AEO Factory) all actively use promo codes.

4. River Island
This European luxury brand has an American online shop. So far I know that shipping takes about a week, and I can give an update on my purchase when I receive my first order on Saturday. So far with US free shipping over $35, i'm sold.

3. eBay
One of my favorite bloggers buys a lot of her jewelry on eBay, i'm talking statement necklaces, dangly earrings, stackable bracelets - the works. I recently started bidding on a few pieces from China and haven't gotten all of them in yet so I will do a comprehensive review when I get them all in. Side note, when bidding remember that there is a possibility that you might win all of your bids.. and then you are obliged to purchase them. All, 20 items.. ahem. 

I talked about ASOS a few months ago when I placed my first order. I love the fact that they have free shipping -both- ways. This makes it super easy to return items to the online store. Their items range from $10-800 so there is certainly something for everyone. Always check for ongoing promotions - they are scarce, but possible.

1. Forever 21 / Love 21
The Love21 collection is a higher-end version of the F21 brand, and where I get the majority of my pieces. This department is also available in some stores, but I like shopping online for the ease & comfort of not having to deal with a F21 store. They have free shipping over $50 as a standard and you can return in store which is a great asset and wins points with me.

I hope this helped, let me know your favorite stores to shop online in the comments below!

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