Wednesday, December 18, 2013

GIVE THIS - NOT THAT | Makeover for Holiday Gift Giving

Here's the problem with gift-giving. We get lazy. Don't know what to get? How about a gift card? Or maybe a picture frame? Worst case? Socks. Well, never fear. Here is my top list to "Upgrade Ya" (cue Beyonce in the background) ahem.... at least in terms of gift-giving. Giving your modest effort a 21st century twist. Let's begin:

1. The DVD Box
So, your friend likes television? Don't we all. Don't limit him to just one TV series give him the lot with a Netflix or Hulu+ subscription. You can pay for a certain amount of months at a time. My recommendation: 3.

Instead of just one makeup palette, give the gift of finding new products. Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription (as is Ipsy) that give sample size products based off of a beauty quiz. Read my review of Ipsy v. Birchbox here.

Oh, the dreaded giftcard. The ultimate sloth-like gift. I get it, you want to give them something they want, but you have no idea what that is. Here is your solution: Giftly. A modern day way to give someone a giftcard with an idea in mind. Check out more here

Socks are no longer for the boy who was barely allowed to sit at the table. Foot Cardigan makes giving socks fun & easy. This website delivers one random pair of socks to the recipient every month. Talk about a gift that keeps giving.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. well only if it was worth a thousand likes. Memorialize your Instagram photos with CanvasPop. A unique website designed to merge the digital and physical. 

I hope this helped your search for the perfect gift! Stay Crafty!

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