Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 Reasons Why Colored Jeans are Fabulous

Jeans: Spain, Top: H&M, Shoes: F21


5. Fun.
Because they are obviously more stylish then blue jeans and you need a 
little spice to your life. Not to mention, they are a cool and comfy statement piece
(No offense leopard stilettos, still love you)

4. They're Versatile. 
You can pair these babies with an animal print blouse or 
a simple white lace tank. You can tone down your outfit and let the colored jeans 
do the talking or use the jeans as the background of a louder, but equally as chic piece
(i.e. animal prints, nautical stripes, geometric prints)

3. Progressive. 
Color jeans used to mean different shades of denim and we then progressed to include both black and white into that mix. 
But now there is a whole slew of colors families to choose from- neons, pastels, 
brights, neutrals- you name it.

2. Transitional.
Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Kate Middleton owns a pair of colored jeans and 
it's no secret as to why. Miley might pair them with a ripped sleeveless tank (her usual) 
while the lovely Kate would wear a tailored blazer with gold button detailing. You can 
wear these jeans with blouses, tanks, blazers, cardigans, or tees to get exactly the look you want.

1. Timeless.
I'm pretty sure everyone in the 80's loved colored jeans, and then all of a sudden 
everyone got boring in the 90s. Never fear, you don't have to wear a neon 
yellow to buy into the trend. Whether you are younger or older-this piece 
is what you make it. After all, if MObama can rock it- why not you? 
If the bright isnt for you- try a dark red, cobalt blue, or dark coral.