Wednesday, September 10, 2014


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Last week I headed to the mall in hopes of trading out my iPhone 5 for a new battery (boo, turns out my battery is indeed operating properly - but still sucks). I ducked into the newly constructed two story Forever 21 and found myself loving their new faux leather jackets. I picked up two with the intent that one might fit properly and when I tried them on, I fell in love with both. Moment of truth, I thought about posting a picture on instagram and letting you guys vote... but I didn't have enough time. So I texted my 4 best girlfriends and told them I needed a verdict: one, the other, or both! I'm lucky enough that my friends have just as little willpower as I do, and happily agreed that it was okay to purchase both (however, apparently I'm on a shopping ban for the rest of the month).  Worth it? Totally. What's your verdict? Which would you pick?

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