Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Makeup Junkie: Stila (Steal!) Palette $9!

Since I am on a makeup rampage, I thought I would share this awesome deal I found at Sephora.com for Stila Palettes. They are only $9 each (originally $62) and come in 5 different themes.

1. This one is called "Haute in the Hamptons," and it is my favorite palette. I think these are the colors that I would use the most and the blush and bronzer color would compliment olive skin as well. Buy it here!

2. This one is called "Living the Life in Laguna." This is my second favorite because I love the look of a subtle pink dew. This is a great palette if you have darker skin. Buy it here!

3. This is called "Wonderful in Waikiki" and 3/4 of the shades would look great with every eye color. I have a personal bias against bright blue on olive skin, but that's just because I can't pull it off. Still a "Stila Steal" and you can buy it here

4.  This is a beautiful palette called "Fabulous in Fiji" but i'm not gonna lie, I have no idea which eye color it is best suited for. I think all of the colors can be great accents, but I wouldn't buy this for a handy compact. If you want it you can buy it here. 
5. It's no secret that purple looks great on brown eyes so this Stila palette called, "Striking in South Beach" is great for just that. It has everything you need for a deep smokey eye including your black crease shade and a silver highlight. Buy it here

Bonus: While I was skimming the Sephora website, I found this great bronzer/highlight/blush trio for only $5! Crazy, I know! The only shade left is "shimmering warm bronze" which sounds perfect for me and the reviews look good too! You can buy it here!

Let me know if which one you chose!


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  1. Hey! I have been using the bronzer/highlight/blush trio for almost a year now and it goes with EVERYTHING! I do use the bronzer on the far right more than anything else and always get great compliments.