Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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To say that this year flew by would be a complete understatement. I can't believe that i'm already putting together my birthday wishlist, and next week is the big day! The items above are things that i'd had my eye on for a while. Number 1 has clearly been on my radar since Autumn and now it's even on sale, hello. Number 2 is a bit of a different story, i've been scouring the internet for a good blush bag for months now and Kate Spade has always been my favorite when it comes to handbags. I don't know how I missed over this one, but now that i've found it - I can't wait to have it. Number 3 is a cool accessory that my girlfriend, Lauren, over at FashionablyLo featured a few weeks ago. This handy accessory box is perfect for packing delicate jewelry and with all the upcoming summer travel that I have going on, it would be awesome to have one of these. I wish there was more to number 4, but the truth is that i've always wanted a summer fedora, the end. Lastly, number 5 has been on my list for a few years now. I'd really like a monogram necklace - but I guess with my initials officially changing in a little while, it might be better to hold off. 

I'm excited to begin the birthday celebrations early on my trip to Philly this Thursday. I haven't seen my sister in months, so i'm looking forward to seeing her closet!

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