Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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It's Tuesday & the sun is out! I woke up exhausted today because I went to a "Barre" or "Ballet Body Fusion" class last night. Someone described the class as the new zumba. As a dancer, i'm all about cardio that doesn't involve machine and this class is a mixture of core strength, ballet toning, and cardio dance. Such a good workout!

My instructor formats the class a little differently. Even though it's technically a "barre" style class there are no Ballet Bars in the studio, so we use weight bars for balance & stability. We start with some deep stretching and then warm up into pirouettes & basic moves. This is generally followed by some cardio dance sequences. This ballet portion of the class usually last around 30 minutes, and we finish off with some heel raises and inner thigh toning. The second half of the class is more Mind & Body and Pilates focused. I love this format because I am one of those people who gets really bored by doing the same thing for an hour. This half & half style class really keeps me interested and engaged.

I attend classes at my local health club, but there are a few Barre Studios around town. I highly recommend the class, it really is an entire full body workout. Have you tried Barre? Thoughts?
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