Thursday, January 23, 2014


Lace Top: F21 - Similar Here & Here - $12  //  Mustard Skirt: H&M - Similar Here -  $28
Red Belt: F21 - Similar Here - $23  //  Brown Heels: Guess - Similar Here - $43 

It seems to me that when we get older, we somehow - inexplicably - start to turn into our parents. At what point did "I can't believe they are so lame" turn into "Wow mom, your right, baking banana nut bread on a Saturday night is a great idea!" It baffles me. I see misbehaving children and immediately resist the innate urge to scold them. But wait, that was me. Truth is, that along with the shortage of social skills and genuine lack of energy there are also some wonderful parts to becoming your parents. For example:

- We can learn to cook real dishes. Like with meat and sautéed vegetables.. what?
- Being able to recover things that we ruined in the laundry. Shrunk? Pink Socks? 
You. Can. Handle. It. 
-You realize what a Nazi you are when it comes to household chores. The direction utensils are put into the dishwasher, the importance of dusting on a regular basis, and never -ever- sleeping past 10 AM on the weekends.
- Developing this "anything is possible" attitude. My mother raised us as a single mom, and she learned to fix plumbing, kill ridiculously scary bugs, and create anything she needed. 
My intuitive sense of "DIY" definitely comes from her. 
(although i'm still working on the killing bugs part)

The future looks bright.

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