Thursday, November 21, 2013


Lace Tunic: F21 - Same Here or Similar - $30
Herringbone Style Skirt: F21 -  Similar Here - $35
Belt: F21 - Similar Here - $4
Heels: Guess - Similar Here - $50 

The holidays are often regarded as a time for travel. I've always considered myself a traveler. I enjoy seeing other parts of the world and experiencing the life of the locals by eating their foods, attending the festivals, and always asking them for the best places to see. When you read that, chances are that you agreed with me. Who doesn't want to consider themself someone who loves to travel? Everyone loves to travel - but there is a difference.

What people don't like to talk about is how heinously frightening it is to be in a new place and know no one. What happens when you can't speak the language or if you need to see a doctor and don't have the proper paperwork to be seen? Would that injection even be legal in the U.S.? The closest I have ever been to living in another country is when I spent 6 weeks in Spain about two years ago. And while it was beautiful, it doesn't count. I was surrounded by American students, ate pizza a few times a week, and was in the safe haven of a very lofty dorm. Real travelers have the semi-permanent trips when you spend months, maybe years abroad. You befriend the locals, the ones who come over to your home (not hotel) and teach you how to use the unfamiliar market vegetables to make a signature local dish. The dish which you will probably spend hours making and ultimately hate because your taste buds were never ready for that many flavors mixed together. That's travel.

I am terrified of living in another country. Visiting yes, but make that a roundtrip ticket please?
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