Friday, June 7, 2013

B. STRONG: Lavender Lace Shorts

Lavender Lace Shorts: Here ($49)
Chambray Blouse: Here ($18) - White Peplum: Here ($44) - Black Boyfriend Blazer: Here ($50)

I've arrived in Boston! I'll be spending the next 5 days in this beautiful city and can't wait to share my style inspiration with you. Boston is such a fun place filled with energetic people. Yesterday was sunny and I caught a glimpse of the Bostonian Summer Style so here is something I put together. It's my first 1 Piece - 3 Ways and today will feature these beautiful lavender lace shorts from Club Monoco. 

It's really important for my wardrobe to be versatile because when I invest in a piece I have to visualize how I can wear it. These shorts are great because they can be dressed up, down, and all around. The key is to compliment them not only with different tops but also different styles. Under each top you can see how I would wear them, and hopefully this will inspire you to see your wardrobe a little differently. 

How would you wear these?

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