Monday, July 7, 2014


Atlanta ladies, I have to tell you about the most amazing facial that I had a while back courtesy of Julian's Cosmetics + Skincare at Town Brookhaven. This is the place to go in order to be relaxed and pampered (boys pay attention!) My facial experience began when a friendly staff member offered me some champagne while I swiftly filled out my forms - I opted for the bottled water - but really appreciated how courteous the staff was. Now ladies, you know that facials are generally not relaxing - it's a necessity the requires some pushing, tugging, and squeezing that ultimately helps to clear your face, but not without the "ouch!". This facial covered all the essentials including treating blemishes, but was so comforting - I actually fell asleep during the hour! Doralisa has magic fingers and not only treated my face, but neck and shoulders too. She explained which Image products she used on me after examining what my skin needs (hello, custom facial!) She even used this heavenly lip product which made my mouth silky smooth -and tasted amazing. 

I had such an amazing time. Thanks to Kitsy Rose PR for setting this up and the team at Julian's for the fabulous experience!

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