Friday, April 4, 2014


Happy Friday Lovelies!

Today I wanted to start an original series called "Ditch The Black" and share different ways that I like to replace the black in my wardrobe with other colors to jazz up an outfit. Black is one of my absolute favorite colors, but I find that we tend to mix and match the color with just about anything as a filler, instead of using the color distinctively. We have got to end this, black is safe, but safe is boring.

Replacing a sharp black color with a navy or grey can give an ordinary outfit an extraordinary look. For my first example, I picked a casual green blouse. How would you wear this blouse? The easy out would be pairing the blouse with black pants and black heels. Right? Well, you could....OR you could replace the dull black pants with a subtle navy pant instead. Simple enough. That was step one.

Step two is adding accessories. Let's start at the bottom. We can replace the tedious black heel with a fun printed heel! Everyone should have one versatile printed shoe in their closet. It can be a leopard print, cheetah, floral design, your choice. Something printed always add a pop to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. I chose leopard for this example, because I have a pair in my closet. Lastly, add in a fun gold statement necklace to the ensemble and you just took your boring outfit to breathtaking. Voila! 

Tune in next week for Part 2 of my "Ditch The Black" series. Have a great weekend! Check in tomorrow to see if you were the winner of my Petits-Tresors giveaway!
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