Friday, November 15, 2013

GOLD HARDWARE: Black on Black Shirt Dress

Dress: Sister Swap - Similar Here - $50
Belt - H&M - Similar Here - $7 (black gold)
Opaque Tights - Similar Here - $20
Boots - H&M - Same Here - $119
Watch: Anne Klein - Similar Here - $65

I'm a classic gal. I wear way too much black, an occasional smokey eye, and i've gone through 3 MAC nude lipsticks (my favorite is 'Cherish') this year. Although, ever since my engagement party back in August, i've changed a little bit. I can trace this life altering decision back to one single person: my makeup artist. 

I strongly believe that every so often, you should get your makeup done. It can be by a friend, by a professional, or by your sister - mother - daughter. Why? I'll tell you why. Because change is good and others see you differently then you see yourself. 

For as long as I can remember i've been an up-top girl. All eyes, no lip. 
Ask my the one thing I would die without: 

no mascara...
no definitely eyeliner...
Does my Urban Decay kit with shadow, primer, liner, and mascara count as one??

But things have changed & I have evolved. 

My makeup artist asked me to take a risk and allow her to try out a "bright berry" lipstick on me. Uh.. say what? The only berries that are going near my mouth will end up in my stomach. No, thank you. But she insisted, and boy am I glad she did. She was right. 

Bright lipsticks completely light up my face and there is no need for anything more than a brush of light eyeshadow and a swipe of mascara (okay, some eyeliner too.. no addict can quit cold turkey) The point is that I did it and i'm happy I did. Signature Scarlet, Amethyst Potion, Mandarin Rapture? Yes. I. Will. 

This epiphany resulted in a major lip product haul otherwise known as me going a little crazy at CVS last week. I have a few new products and I will be reviewing them for you soon.

Take my advice, try something new things weekend. You might be surprised.
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