Thursday, October 31, 2013

TUTORIAL THURSDAY: Fancy Side Inverted Ponytail (Topsy Tail)

Happy Thursday loves! Today's tutorial is a simple way to spruce up a basic ponytail. This hair style is great for work, school or even a date night. It uses one of my favorite tricks -- the topsy tail to create a cool pattern. The steps are below:

Side Inverted Ponytail:
  1. Put all of your hair to the side, create a ponytail, and secure with a small elastic
  2. Pull the elastic down and create a hole
  3. Pull all the hair through the hole and pull tight to secure
  4. Repeat steps (2-4) until you complete the length of the ponytail
  5. Pull the ponytail apart for a fuller look
  6. Secure any loose pieces with a bobby pin
I'd be happy to answer any questions so shoot me yours via twitter at @simplysabrina I'd love to see any photos if you try out this braid! Please send them to my via Facebook or Twitter

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Stay tuned for more tutorials every Thursday!

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