Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Top: Borrowed (thanks Sis!), Pants: Love21, Boots: DSW, Earrings: c/o Kore Luxe

Have you ever had a challenge that you really wanted to try, but are almost 
positive that you would fail miserably? The prize may be meager or it may be
 marvelous, but the real satisfaction is proving to yourself that you can do it. 
I seem to have a list of these lining up and while New Year's seems to be the 
most realistic timeframe to start a new challenge, I want to try it sooner. 
Let's call it, the "End of the year Resolution" the "EOTYR." 
(that's not going to catch on, is it?) 

My EOTYR is to attempt the 30x30 Remix. The remix challenge was started by 
the fabulous blogger Kendi Everyday. The rules are simple – 30 items of clothing 
(including shoes, not including accessories), 30 distinct outfits, 30 days, and 
to add insult to injury: no shopping. The challenge is part of a bigger goal, to 
create a “Working Closet” that fits your life and helps you cut back on impulse 
buys, encourage creativity, and stop emotional shopping binges 
-- you know, my weakness.

I'm aiming for November. 
What's your EOTYR?


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