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Top 10 Shoes Every Women Should Own

Top 10 Shoes Every Women Should Own

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10 Shoes Every Women Should Own

Skin Tone Heel
There is nothing more stealthy than the art of illusions & a nude colored pump is the perfect prop. This shoe can make your legs look miles long and pair perfectly with a short summer dress!

Spring Wedge
A sweet summer dress is only as good as the wedges that you wear with them. Wedges are cute, comfortable, and classy! Watch out for cork-bottom wedges though, they can be get tacky!

Black Pump
Does this really need an explanation? LBD = LBS (not that I suggest keeping it that simple. An LBD can totally rock a statement or glitzy shoe!

Glitzy Peep-Toe
For someone who attends a number of formal events, a glitzy heel is a necessity. If your formal outings are kept to a minimum you may need to substitute this shoe for a metallic party shoe that you can wear out. I found my perfect pair at DSW-- season is key!

Ballet Flats
I'll admit. I don't own a pair of ballet flats. Well, I did. But two pairs of flats are more than enough for me because I sleep in high heels. However, for the (fashionable)  average young lady ballet flats are a wardrobe staple. 

Ankle Bootie
Where I lack in flats, I make up in booties! I adore the look of  a short ankle bootie but insist that it must be paired correctly. Any shoe that stops at your ankle immediately trunks the illusion of hight and causes a visual disconnect. Now if you have a pair of cute lace shorts... a leather lace up ankle bootie would be fabulous.

Canvas Flat
This is on my list. As far as I can tell, TOMS top this category. They are adorable & comfy-- perfect for running errands. I'm only holding out because I anticipate some cute new herringbone patterns in their fall collection. Although I usually cap out my shoe budget at about $50, this shoe (just barely)makes the cut. 

Summer Sandal
When we were little, Old Navy flip flops did the job. Now that we are older, even a Saturday afternoon requires a sassy sandal (your newly pedicured toes deserve it!) Treat them right with a neutral summer sandal.

Statement Shoe
This is where you can have a little fun. Bring out those bright red platforms or sweet Mary Janes!  LBD beware! This is your go-to shoe.

Workout Sneaker
Let's face it, every girl needs a workout shoe. My BF would probably disown me if I suggested anything other than Nike, so here we go. Get a Nike sneaker. They really do have longevity in their products (or maybe I just don't go to gym enough.... hmmm)

Tall Leather Boot
Whether it's brown, black, or cognac- every girl needs a tall leather boot (and a pair of skinny jeans to go with.) I'd say 1 brown and 1 black ideally, but I've managed for two seasons with only a brown pair. 

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