Thursday, May 17, 2012

Excuse me... do you like my honey bun?

Top: Dana Buchman for Kohl's, Jeans: Love21, Shoes: Lauren Conrad Collection, Earrings: gifted

How adorable. When I told bf that I was blogging about my TopKnot Bun style today, he said "Oh, you mean your honey bun?#precious

Summer is wonder for three things: eating popsicles, extra daylight, and white jeans. Year-round my wardrobe is dulled by the lackluster dull look of blue jeans, until summertime. Summer is when I can bring out the mint colored twill pants & the coral colored skinny jeans. Summer is when I can wear white all I want and be untroubled by the daunting "Anti-White Labor Day" mantra. Summer is where it's at. 



  1. I feel like you and I are always thinking of the same things to do with our hair. I love it!!!! Have you seen the upside-down braided bun it is adorable too. You should try it and teach me :)))

  2. LOVE LOVE this look :)