Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and for me it's always been a little over-rated. The biggest day to celebrate your love and go all out is on your anniversary, btw. But don't get me wrong, Valentine's Day should be celebrated and you should do something special. 

For me it's always been about being a little more creative and doing something to make your Valentine feel great, not necessarily drop a bunch of money. But that's just me.

So people have been asking me for weeks to give them some clever & creative Valentine's Day ideas for their special someone. Well, no wonder why you wanted help! The internet is scorn with awful ideas (honestly, who will really buy matching "I <3 My Gf/Bf" t-shirts and buying your guy a compass) What are they thinking? We live in the 21st century, no one needs a compass we all have GPS enabled smart-phones, get with it. Here is a list of gifts that I came up with. These are all available at under $25 dollars and will make your sweetheart feel special this Valentine's Day. 

Dress: F21, Ankle Boots: F21

Make an Exotic Fruit Basket
A nice alternative to a flower bouquet is a fruit basket, but really, how lazy must you be to buy one already assembled? In 20 minutes you can buy a basket and fill it with colorful, taste-tempting fruit. Don't be afraid to walk on the wild side and include some unusual fruits such as star fruit, dragon fruit, cherimoya, kumquats, paw paws, and lychees. Be sure that each is labeled, or write out a list for the recipient. Enjoy an evening sampling them together.

Mix Tape USB Drive
Remember the days before CDs and MP3 players? If you do, then you probably remember a good ol' mixed tape. Now you can reclaim that memory, and put together a USB of MP3s of sappy love songs and other digital files on this 64 MB USB drive, enclosed in a custom case for your sweetheart.

Buy a Pet
On my one year anniversary I bought my boyfriend a fish and put it in an old fashion fishbowl. On the rim of the fishbowl I wrote "Out of all of the fish in the sea, you will always be my nemo" [note: I was sixteen don't judge me]

A Personalized Puzzle
Make it challenging. Get a 1000 piece puzzle and spend the night in working on it together. When you are finished, buy a picture frame and keep your artwork in a special place to remind you both of your fun Valentine's Day together!

Make a Memory Box
This one is a bit more work, but will pay off huge in future years. Find a nice wooden or metal box and put in items that remind you of experiences you've shared. This could be a ticket stub from Disneyworld, a menu from a restaurant, a leaf from that maple tree that you necked under, a coffee bean from your favorite hangout, a photo of some random craziness you indulged in, a phone bill when you were spending hours talking to one another on the phone ... you get the idea.


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