Friday, January 20, 2012

Awkward but Awesome

Top: H&M, Boots: F21, Skirt: A&F, Scarf: Spain, Belt: F21

This is a cute outfit, wanna know how I know?

When I walked into the building this morning, a gentleman told me that my outfit was "steller" and I had done a fabulous job putting it together, he then proceeded to tell me that I still had the price sticker on the bottom on my boot that was "ruining the whole ensemble"...

 #awkwardbutawesome #approvalfromthecritics


1 comment:

  1. ha, oh my gosh! seriously could this outfit get any better. you know it's good when a man compliments you! i loved this post, that would be like me leaving the price tag on the shoes. i always forget about it, ha
    xo TJ