Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabulous Friday: Think Outside The Theatre

In the spirit of Cupcake Extravaganza, I wanted to share some unique date ideas for you to enjoy with your guy. I'll do this on a weekly basis, we'll call it  Fabulous Fridays! Break away from the boring movie theatre (and save money!) by enjoying some untraditional dates that will still get you a special evening with your special someone.
Editors Note: these ideas are great for a hangout with friends, roommates and even families

If you've been dating under a year:
Have a Pajama party for just the two of you, watch movies, eat popcorn and play board games! It's a lot of fun! You can even stay up late and hit up a Waffle House at 2 AM!
 (in your PJs of course)
(TIP: If your the one planning the date, be sure to find movies that the other will find engaging too. It's no fun to watch action movies or chick-flicks all night, alternate or play rock paper scissors to see who picks the next one! Also, pick board games that you each played as a child as you play you will be able to share fond memories of your childhood & get to know each other a lot better!)

If you have been dating from 1-2 years:
Take a class together. Check out the local community center, recreation center, library, or college for a one-day class on painting, photography, sailing, dancing, etc. Stop at a restaurant afterwards to share a dessert.
(TIP: Be sure to try something neither of you have done before. Lots of small art shops have adult pottery classes once a week, spend the evening together and make each other gifts! You'll have tons of fun and be sure to put a little paint on his nose ;)

If you have been dating 3+ years:
Make your own scavenger hunt! Get two cameras, and spilt up. Take 10 pictures of places that bring back good memories of times together or take pictures of 10 places that describe qualities of the other person. (For example, if your hubby is sweet, take a picture of your candy store) Once your done have a romantic dinner together and share the pictures!
(TIP: If you don't wanna get too far from each other go to a big mall or shopping center. Oh, and be sure to set a time limit and even add a little wager if you dare. Put each picture up against each other [apples to apples style] and both of you decide which one was the better, funnier, or most clever. Loser takes winner out for ice cream!)

Be sure to send pictures & comments if you try any of these out! I'd love to hear how they turned out! Tune in next Friday for more date ideas!


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