Wednesday, January 5, 2011

College Student's Guide to Baking:

In the spirit of the new year & all of our resolutions to loose weight and keep it up.. I wanted to share some temptations just in case your decide to cheat a little bit. 

Heres my strategy, make a bunch of cupcakes (like 36) and give away half to neighbors, friends, colleges then take your remaining 18 and leave them out in your home or in a popular public place (edge of your desk so people can walk buy and grab them, dining table for your roommates, or kitchen for your family.

After spending what took my 2 hours to make the cupcakes (including the wait time to cook each batch and frost them) I only eat one cupcake mostly because i'm so sick of them because i've been cooking them for so long. After the next day i'll allow myself a maximum of 2 cupcakes a day but in my case there usually aren't any left by the second day. This way I get to satisfy my craving but keep the cheating to a minimum. 

Keep reading for tips on how to create your own homemade pastry bag for (practically) free!

Because i'm a college student I usually take the easy way out, Duncan-Hines is my best friend. 
Here are a few pictures of my cupcake baking extravaganza:

Ingredients Needed: Duncan Hines Yellow Butter Cake Mix, Frosting, M&Ms (or any other candy of your choice), cupcake holders, ziploc bags, & frosting tips

How to create your own homemade pastry bag:

In order to be more economically friendly, I like to create my own pastry bags with simple ziploc bags (TIP: Don't use a cheap bag! A sturdy ziploc should work fine, but have some extras on hand in case it breaks)
I make a very small hole and insert the plastic icing tip into the corner of the ziploc bag and stretch the hole so it reaches just past the tip and will hold on the ridges. Then I fill the pastry bag with icing and shift it towards the bottom corner of the bag. (Twist the top of the bag, but dont apply too much pressure when squeezing, the bag will break!) If the bag does break (don't freak out!) just get another bag and put it over the one full of icing because you don't want all the icing to go to waste. Simply cut another small hole and put the first bag w/ tip into the second bag and voila! 

This is a great activity to do with friends, kids, cousins, or even on a date. Cupcakes are fun to make with others but be sure to give at least half away so your not tempted to break those New Year's Resolutions, it will make someone else really happy & make you feel great too (& less guilty!)

Will you have your own cupcake extravaganza soon?

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