Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm a newbie forgive me

Wow, for months I have been wanting to start my own blog. After religiously following some of my favorite bloggers on a daily basis I figured it was about time that I offer the Blogosphere my own perspective on our favorite things.

Say it with me: fashion trends (you can afford!), celebrity styles (for less!)travel tips (on a budget!), and my personal tussle with the kitchen- learning how to cook delicious & healthy meals (with only a few ingredients & under 30 minutes!)

As a college student, I promise not to bore you with exhausting history themes BUT because I am an Ad major with a focus on social and emerging media, I might throw in a couple cool articles I find.

Hope this was charming and witty enough for you to want to come back for seconds. I think i'll post one of my favorite recipes next!


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