Saturday, May 10, 2014

LACE LOUNGE PANTS - It's a thing.

Cashmere Sweater: H&M - Same Here - $25   -   Lace Pants: LOFT - Same Here - $60   
Heels: LC at Kohls - Similar Here - $30   -   Necklace: eBay - Same Here (#42) - $4 

Last week when I was in Philadelphia, I stumbled upon a killer sale at LOFT. While I was in a daze that the entire store was 50% off (hello, black Friday sales in May) the Fiance was very much in the zone and picked out these gorgeous lace pants. Guys, these pants have a drawstring! They are a modern day, lace sweatpant. Do you know what this means? The reign of 'no sweatpants' in public is officially over. We, declared fashion lovers, can wear comfy sweatpants with a drawstring, in public. Because ladies - there is lace. Sweet, delicate, pretty lace. 

On a side note, i'm not certain how I feel about how the pants photographed - whether it was the monochromatic scheme that I put together, or the camera. But hey, not all pictures can be your favorite. I still wanted to share this look with you and link to these pants here. Unfortunately, they are not 50% off anymore, but i'm keeping my eye out for it. Dibs on the black too!

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