Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I hope you all found my first post of my "Ditch The Black" series last week helpful. It seems to me that when we were younger, we were always told "black goes with everything" and as true as that may be, it trained our minds to see black as a filler as opposed to a color in itself. My goal is to help you see your wardrobe differently and provide inspiration for remixing what you already have. 

All of us own a button down, most likely a white and blue pinstripe and when you quickly get dressed for work or school what do you do? Grab the closest black skirt? No. Step away from the black stretchy pencil skirt. Instead, reach for a floral print mid-length skirt. This can be a pencil skirt, skater skirt, even a midi skirt, whatever you already have. Toss on some nude or white peep toe pumps and replace the dull silver jewelry with a spunky bronze necklace and matching gem bracelet. Not only is your outfit fun, but also perfect for spring. 

Are you guilty of "excessive black overdose?" How do you fight the urge?
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Blue Button Down   //   White Pumps   //   Pink Floral Skirt   //   Bronze Necklace   //   Black Pumps   //   Black Skirt   //   Bronze Bracelet

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