Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TUTORIAL THURSDAYS: How to Make a Ballerina Bun

You've seen my ballerina bun. (here, here, & here) Oh yeah, and here
& now it can be yours. 
Here's to the first of many 15 second tutorials! 
To get the look, simply watch the Instagram video below & continue reading for more instructions!

Happy bunning!
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A hair donut (like this one!) - $4 - Different size bobby pins (here) - $3 - Hair Tie (here) - $3

I have received a few comments that you can't really see how to begin the ballerina bun (sorry!), so here is a quick 12 second clip showing you how to wrap your hair around the hair donut & create the first flip. 12 seconds glory. Ready? Go. 

DIY-tip: If you want to style and don't have a hair donut, you can use a sock! Follow the steps below:
- Take a long dress sock (steal from father, brother, husband or boyfriend) and cut off the toe
- Now, roll the sock outwards from the ankle end to the toe end, creating a doughnut shape
- Ideally you won’t see the sock but, just in case, use one in a similar shade to your hair color 

PRO-tip: If you have mastered the ballerina bun then spice it up by leaving on piece of hair from the ponytail out of the hair donut / sock. Continue creating your ballerina bun and when you are done, braid that one piece and circle it around the bun. Pin in place! Voila!

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