Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Much Color

Top: H&M (Spain), Necklace: America's Mart, Jeans: A&F, Shoes: GoJane, Bangles: Pakistan

Since today is the last day of the month, 
here is a list of my Top 5 favorite things of February.

5. Thai Iced Tea 
I've had these before, but it is quickly becoming a weekly (ahem.. daily) necessity. This is a black tea with Orange Blossom water and some other goodies in it. Tin Drum is my new Starbucks which makes #4 even more challenging. 
4. Lose It App
This is a mobile app that most of you probably already have on your phone.There is also a web-based app for those of you who don't have smart phones (how do you exist?!) Lose It helps me track my calories and make smarter health decisions. It allocates a certain amount of calories based on my height, weight, and fitness goals to me everyday. I track my calories from what I eat and get calories back when I track my exercises. This app has become a part of my daily routine! Love it!
3. Hunger Games Trilogy
I know, I know. The ship has already sailed, but I am getting on the boat now and making sure everyone near me does the same. Suzanne Collins is an amazing author and these books are a great read. Since it's near a 5th grade reading level, I assure you that you can finish the series within a week- or two max! Get ready, 23 days till the movie!
2. Lush Products
Lush isn't something that I discovered this month, but I have recently gotten back into being a "Lushie." Once I get some more products i'll do a "best products" post but in the meantime I invite all suggestions from fellow "Lushies" and would love to try more products! For those of you who don't know, Lush is a company that makes organic, handmade, animal-friendly, green cosmetic products. They make everything from shampoos, massage bars, and face scrubs, to their famous bath bombs! Naturally, the products are a tad bit on the expensive side, but some of the products are worth it. [Guys, they have boy-friendly products too!]
1. Spotify
Like I said, I know, I know- I'm late. However, I love Spotify. I've been using it for about a week and haven't moved from my Glee playlist but encourage suggestions for other playlists to follow! 

That's all for this month! See you guys in March :) If you have any products /  services that you absolutely love (makeup, hair products, clothing companies, technology, anything!) Please shoot me a message (email, facebook, or comment on the blog post), I would love to try some new things!