Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ANNE KLEIN: The Perfect Work Dress

Dress: Anne Klein - Similar Here - $50   //   Heels: Guess - Same Here - $60   //   Clutch: eBay - Same Here - $5

So, if you didn't believe me when I told you before that my hair gets unevenly, unnecessarily, lighter in the summer - believe it now. We've moved from lighter shades of brown to the inevitable red-tints which are appearing quite timely for this season. Sigh, what can you do?

Also, since this needs a sweeping declaration. I finally finished rewatching all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl -- and let me tell you -- the identity of GG still doesn't make sense. (note: the non-spoiler in case you are well, 2 years behind)

I'm thinking Game of Thrones is next. Also, don't hate me, but I tried 'Orange Is The New Black' and it's just not me! Any other TV suggestions, preferably ones that I can binge watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

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