Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's Tutorial Thursday!
I've gotten so many requests for a tutorial every time I wear my hair in a Fishtail braid. As all hair styles, there are many different ways to achieve this looks-- and the truth is that this one looks a lot harder than it is. The steps are simple:

For a Side Messy Fishtail Braid:

  1. Take all of you hair to one side
  2. Separate your hair into two equal pieces (be sure that the length of your hair is equal too)
  3. Take one piece from either side (I like to start with the left) and this piece to the other side. For example:
    1. Take a one inch section from the back of the left side and cross it in front of the same left section and over to the right side. Grab this piece with the other hand and pull tight.
    2. Then take any piece from the back of the right side and do the same thing, cross it over the entire right portion of your hair and add it to the left side. Grab this piece with the left hand and pull tight.
    3. Repeat these steps till you get to the end of your braid.
    4. (Optional) Pull the braid apart to give it a thicker & messier feel.
    5. Secure any loose pieces with bobby pins.
    6. Voila!

This Fishtail Braid method is best done with longer hair, but works great even on hair with layers. 
Here are a few tips & tricks to get the best braid:

  • If you have layers, curl the ends of your hair so that they will stay together and avoid sharp hairs sticking out of the braid.
  • When you take one piece of the hair from either side, choose a one-inch section from the back, then take that piece and cross it over to the other side. This creates the "fishtail" illusion.
  • Choose larger pieces for a looser braid and smaller pieces for a very tight fishtail braid.

Once you master the fishtail braid there are so many other cool variations that you can do. You can make a fishtail bun, fishtail topknot, even a fishtail updo! If you would like to see any of these let me know if the comments below!

I'd be happy to answer any questions so shoot me yours via twitter at @simplysabrina I'd love to see any photos if you try out this braid! Please send them to my via Facebook or Twitter

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Stay tuned for more tutorials every Thursday!
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